August 2013 - Puente Piedra well site with submersible pump
Viola has never had easy access to purified water throughout her many years of life. She lives in the very poor village of Puente Piedra in northern Peru, a community, up to now, with no water well. The people of this village have had the choice of walking many miles to another village for water and toting the heavy buckets back, or drinking water from contaminated streams.
Through the work of a Baptist well driller from Texas, Larry Johnson (Villa Milagro Ministries), in partnership with the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, villagers of Puente Piedra can now draw fresh water from their new well completed on June 15. Because of the barren terrain of northern Peru, wells in this district must be drilled many feet below the surface, and this well was no exception -- 120 feet to be exact. "This is a blessing beyond measure to have a pure water well for this community", Alberto Duque, President of the Peru Water Committee, stated when witnessing the flow of the water for the first time. "We are so very thankful to the Baptist people who made this possible".
Viola now smiles with joy, saying, "All the years I have lived in this village, and now I can enjoy sweet water. Best of all, the young women and the babies will not have to suffer from stomach problems and dehydration as I did for so many years."

Thank you, Texas Baptists, for caring about the people in Puente Piedra, Peru, by giving to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.