July 2014 - JBC San Angelo, TX
The Journey Bible Church group, comprised of people from many different churches, was blessed to serve 3 days in the city of Llacanora. The last day was served in the local clinic in Cajamarca. While in the community, the team served in three different capacities; the water well team. the medical team, and the evangelistic team.

The medical mission team provided free medical care for approximately 813 patients as well as vision screening with free prescription glasses and reading glasses and sunglasses for 520 patients. We also provided dental services for one day at the Monte Sion clinic.

The water well team drilled for and struck a water supply after facing several unexpected difficulties. The evangelistic team provided lessons in women's hygiene for about 150 women, children's Bible classes along with crafts for approximately 200 children, and for three nights presented evangelistic films in a tent along with a testimony from Pastor Tom Knoff and messages from Pastor Helmer from Monte Sion Baptist Church. We handed out 384 Bibles.

The team was also able to purchase and deliver food to three needy families in the area.

The Monte Sion Baptist Church in Cajamarca was instrumental in preparation, protection, and assistance with the many different aspects of the trip.