March 2014 - AR Baptists Pastors Conference
A team of pastors and laymen from the Rocky Bayou Baptist Association in Arkansas held a pastor's and leaders conference in Peru. The first part of the conference was held in Yurimaguas which is located where the Paranapura River flows into the Huallaga River, which is one the main sources of the Amazon. Twenty six pastors and leaders from the villages of Arahuante, Sananquillo and Lagunas came in to Yurimaguas by boat and joined 16 people from Yurimaguas for the conference. Various topics were taught and there was a question and answer time.
The day after that conference ended, the team traveled by boat to the village of Sanango. The Huallaga River was at flood stage and the village was under 4 feet of water, but all the buildings are on stilts. An abbreviated conference was held there as well as children's ministry. This village had no Christian witness but one profession of faith was made at the conference. A medical team returned to this village in June with Villa Milagro missionary Raul Chota and there have been two more professions of faith and there are plans to start a church there.
The team closed out its visit to the area with a worship service with the hotel staff. Bibles were presented to the staff and there has been further contact with them by the Villa Milagro staff to encourage them in their faith.
The team was very excited to have the privilege to share the gospel in a village that was without any Christian witness. Several team members are hoping to return next year for the Pastor's Conference in Cajamarca.