Joy and Larry Johnson - Founding Missionaries

Larry and Joy Johnson were married on April 18, 1953.  They were called to full time mission service in 1984 and were appointed missionaries by the International Mission Board (SBC) to serve in Peru. They have two children (David and Clark); two grandsons (Lowell and Stefan) and one great granddaughter (Leah).

Larry was born in a farm house at Veribest, TX on October 9, 1934; he graduated from San Angelo Jr. College in 1953. Prior to appointment to Peru by the IMB (SBC), Larry worked as a farmer, rancher, construction contractor, cattle/hog feed lot operator, and real estate broker (to name a few of his responsibilities). Larry is a deacon and member of FBC, San Angelo, TX and Monte Sion Baptist Church, Cajamarca, Peru. He is President of Villa Milagro Ministries.

Joy was born in a farm house in Byrd Community, TX on September 23, 1934; she graduated from San Angelo Jr. College in 1953 and from Angelo State University in 1967. She worked as a farmer/rancher and legal secretary, and then taught school in San Angelo, TX for 17 years prior to appointment to Peru by the IMB (SBC).

Larry and Joy retired from the IMB (SBC) in 2000. But God did not withdraw their calling to missions. And they could not leave Cajamarca, Peru and settle for retirement in Texas. They established Villa Milagro Ministries in 1994 and continued to serve the Lord in Peru as God gives them time and health to do so.


A Board of Trustees has been established to lead Villa Milagro Ministries and to ensure accountability for God's blessings to the ministry through the volunteers and churches who generously support the Lord's work with their gifts and efforts.   

The members are: 

Larry and Joy Johnson (New Mexico - but still Texans at heart!)

David Miller (Arkansas)

Rick Dyson (North Carolina)

Kent Terrill (Texas)

Nancy Urteaga de Diaz (Cajamarca, Peru)





Raul Chota - Serving as evangelist and church planter along the tributaries in the Amazon Jungle area.

Missionary Raul went to be with the Lord on April 14, 2021.  While visiting with the brethern in Arahuante in February, these were some of his last words of teaching to them as recorded in his final report to Villa Milagro and the supporting churches:

"I dedicated myself to motivating the brothers because the news was terrifying because the number of those who died was increasing and the people were panicking. Therefore, my job was to affirm our faith, because no one can separate us from the love of God.   If we live, we live for him, and if we die, we die for him.   So the brothers could understand and not worry about what might come."