"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." John 8:32

"BECA" is a Spanish word meaning Scholarship or Grant in English. Without question, the dividing line in Peru between the "haves and have nots" is directly related to education.

At Villa Milagro, we recognized this problem many years ago but did not have the resources to address it. This problem (or opportunity) was very evident in the orphan home that we have worked with since 1984. At age 18 these young people were given a blanket (most likely given to them by stateside volunteers) and a hug from fellow orphans, and then were escorted to the front gate. Put yourself in this position for a minute. You probably have not finished high school, you have no family to take you in, and you have no money in your pocket to purchase your next meal. WHAT WOULD YOU DO, WHERE WOULD YOU GO? If you were a boy, maybe you would be lucky and find a job with a pick and shovel. If you were a girl, prostitution was a common outcome.

With a meager budget, the BECA Ministry was born through the demonstration of love and donations from stateside Christians. Sadly, we could not help all the young people, but by the grace of God, many have been helped. You who have visited us as volunteers have met, worshiped with, held their children and worked side-by-side with these fine young men and women.  From this meager start in 1998, Villa Milagro has granted scholarships to 230+ individuals for a total of more than $160,000. We give praise to God for these blessings. These grants, save one, were granted to folks studying computer science, carpentry, auto mechanics, machine shop, welding, English, nursing, beauty shop operation, civil engineer, lawyer, jewelry making, sewing, cooking, electrician, teaching profession, and one student in the Baptist Seminary.

The ministry has broadened in scope from "orphans only" to rural communities where churches have been established. Abused mothers, widows, homeless and many others in need have received scholarships. There are established guidelines and requirements for grant applications and for maintaining the scholarships. Villa Milagro attaches no religious strings to the grant; however, Villa Milagro encourages each one to seek a relationship with God through His son Jesus. Life is difficult and challenging for these young people, but with faith in the LORD they can live with hope and joy.

Would you like to make a difference in the life of one of these who yearns for an education?
A BECA (scholarship) costs $50-$150 monthly.